profiling of labrador beach!

20 08 2007

So we woke up bright and early on a sunday morning to measure the gradient of labrador beach. I arrived at 745, followed by Mr Lim and Ms Ria, and started our job at 8am. The tide was very, very high… Clearly, Mr Lim didn’t expect it to be so high even though the tide table said 0.8m… And as a result of Mr Lim’s misjudgement, we all got soaked, right up to our waist.

We started measuring the gradient from the 3rd lamp post along the bridge. There was no particular reason why we started from there, apart from the fact that any further out, we’d be swimming. Our equipment comprised 2 1-metre rulers, a transect tape and a hand-made clinometre. (photos WILL be up when we get it from Mr Lim) The diagram below shows how the gradient is measured.

Set up of measurement of gradient

Shortly after we started, we were joined by Ms Siti, who has a good time laughing at Mr Lim and I with Ms Ria (They and the rest of the public). Were we that funny-looking? Well perhaps we were, two people standing in the sea at waist level (mine, not Mr Lim’s, he’s too tall), holding rulers and tape… Anyway, after we measured for 7 metres, our two missing members finally arrived, their reason being that their parents went to “sao mu” or sweep the grave. And for being late, Mr Lim made Si hui and Si ling stand at waist level so they’d get wet too. Si ling helped to take down the readings and Si hui took photos while Mr Lim and I carried on measuring. Halfway through, I accidentally dropped the clinometer in the water, and being hand-mad, it was not water proof and so got thoroughly soaked. The straw for looking through also came off. But we persevered with it, and continued for about 8 more metres. There was still some distance to the shore, but we had to stop as Mr Lim declared that the clinometer was unusable. We also measured the distance from the bridge to our “transect tape”. We didn’t actually lay out the tape as the tide was high, but managed to stay in one line by constantly checking against a reference point.

Thereafter, we completed our session with a mandatory photo taking as we really needed photos to liven up our blog. Following which, we proceeded to wash up and change, and took a lift from nice Ms Ria to the foodstalls near the road side for breakfast! Mr Lim kindly treated us to prata and ribena(: So, we really are looking forward to our next session:D




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