Mock Soil Test

23 08 2007

In order to prepare us to do the soil test on the soil at Labrador park, we practised on some soil samples from school, during one of our lab sessions. Mr Lim had previously purchased Rapitest Soil Test Kit, and we studied the instructions carefully. The kit allowed us to test three different nutrients found in soil as well as the acidity of the soil.

Rapitest Soil Test Kit

To test for the pH level of the soil, we had to add a sample of soil into the test compartment, add water and shake vigorously before allowing to settle. A pill of powder which matched the colour of the test compartment was also added to the mixture. Once the soil settled and the mixture turned clear, we could compare it to a colour chart and find out the acidity. The soil found at a certain part of our school turned out to be slightly acidic.

pH results

 To test for the rest of the nutrients, we had to mix soil with water and shake vigorously, before dripping the mixture to the other three test compartments. Powder found in pills whose colour matched the test compartments were also added, and we waited for the mixture to settle as well. We left the test compartments for two days to settle, and our school soil turns out to be depleted in levels of Potassium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

All four results

Now that we have figured out how to use this test kit, we will not have much trouble when we test the soil from Labrador beach(: We will be carrying out these tests, as well as water turbidity test, soon! We will also be continuing our profiling of Labrador Beach soon, when we can find a suitable tide, because as we’ve learnt from Sunday’s trip, 0.8m is too high!




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29 08 2007

Hello my Darlings,

I will post a nice and meaningful message because I am a nice and meaningful person. Not that I wasn’t tempted to do otherwise, but let’s not go into that, shall we. Anyway, nice blog, nice work! Looks very cool (: I see we’ve been succeeded by good capable people. Jiayou, and remember to annoy our favourite mentor in remembrance of me once in a while! Haha.

(see, nice and meaningful message.)

Love, Cheechee!

21 01 2009

Hello, may I enquire about where did Mr Lim bought his soil test kit in Singapore? Please drop me a mail about the address. Thanks. [:

7 11 2012

Hi there, i do not know if you would still see this. But if you do happen to see this comment, i would like to also enquire on where could the soil test kit be purchased in Singapore. Hope to hear from you, thanks!

20 12 2013

I would like to know where to buy nutrient test kits too! Thanks!

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