SUCCESSFUL monitoring session!

1 11 2007

Haha.. reading the title, you probably know what this post is about already. It’s about the monitoring session we had in replacement of the one we missed cause we forgot to bring our quadrats. Yes, such a crime we committed! Sorry for the inconvenience caused to our poor mentor and anyone else..

As the tide was too high when we arrived, we took the time to walk around and do some exploration. For this particular monitoring session, we had a few special guests from school with us – the teachers! Our special guests were Mr Lim Er Yang, Ms Chia Ming Huei and Ms Grace Lim. Mr Lim didn’t tell us why they were around, but we suspect that they came along to recce the place for our school to see if it was suitable for students to do ICCS (International Coastal Cleanup Singapore) there, since 2/3 of the teachers are the ones in charge of such things. The teachers were very enthusiastic, taking many photographs and videos of the interesting sights, such as horseshoe crabs, and spotting many things too.

After wandering around for two hours or so while waiting for the tide to recede, we finally went back to our plot. It was growing and expanding nicely, and it looked much bigger than the last time we came. Because the tide was still going out and much of the seagrass patch was still submerged in water when we started, it was sometimes difficult to see clearly cause of the slightly clouded and murky water, and because of this, we also had to begin from the shallower end of the plot, nearer to the beach. Despite our unclear start, being highly efficient, we managed to finish 33 quadrats in around half an hour! xD

After that we took off some more time to explore. Exploring is so fun, you never know what you’ll find!(:  Altogether we saw many turban shells, a flatworm, 2 horseshoe crabs(Limulus polyphemus), hairy crabs(Pilumnus vespertilio) (which we agree look like teddy bears), hermit crabs, a teeny red eyed reef crab (Eriphia smithi), a very long polycheate, a flower crab (Portunus pelagicus) and a kingfisher. We learnt (from Mr Lim’s comments to the other teachers) that crabs escape predators by throwing their limbs away, and that the feet of the (whatever resides in a turban shell) is commonly used as cat’s eye jewellery, that snails generally crawl into crevices and wait out the low tide, and that the black stuff on the rocks was tar lichen.

We had such an informative lesson indeed. It was such a pity that it couldnt last longer cause our parents were waiting to pick us up ): ohwell, maybe we’ll see more stuff next time! (:

Many thanks to the teachers for coming along and looking around, hopefully the beach will be much cleaner after ICCS! And also, thank you very much Miss Siti, for spotting the spelling mistake in the previous entry! (:

Okay, got to go, byebye! (:




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1 11 2007

Glad to hear about the success!

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