Hairy crab!

2 11 2007

Since we did not conduct monitoring on Saturday, Mr Lim set us some homework! Each of us had to go home and research on a particular creature we saw that day.

As the title suggests, I’m doing hairy crabs (Pilumnus vespertilio)! From what I’ve read in various websites, hairy crabs are common in Labrador Park and rather a favourite, as they’re really adorable and docile.

It has hairs covering its body, giving it a very furry look, much like a cuddly teddy bear! It will also sit nicely on your hand and not scuttle all around like other crabs, thus I always get very excited when i find one! xP

If you’ve read The Sunday Times on 28/10/07, you’ll see that in the Life section, there was a recipe on hairy crabs. It appears that the Shang Hai counterparts are considered a delicacy in many places, and it is best eaten steamed. I was rather put out at the fact that such a cute little creature would be eaten. And there was even a section teaching readers how to eat hairy crabs without getting very messy. The details were rather vivid, I could imagine the poor hairy crab being eaten very clearly 😦

Nevertheless, from what I’ve read on habitat news, those in Labrador Park cannot be eaten because these crabs “may eat toxic zoanthids (colonial anemones) which can make this crab mildly poisonous.”

-still waiting for a picture…-




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