Beach combing!

22 02 2008

We went down to Labrador Park again today, purely to explore the low tide, with no intentions to do any work!

Walking towards the beach, we saw many Sun Skinks(Mabuya mutlifasciata)! They were sun bathing peacefully, until Mr Lim came along to disturb them xP

As the tide was still high when we arrived, we walked along the jetty bridge to a little pavilion where there wasn’t any ants to wait.

While we were on the bridge, we noticed that the side of the beach with the gate had more algae than the other side. Mr Lim said it was because the other side was more rocky…

We also saw this adorable little fish, which Mr Lim says is known as the “Gar Fish” [many thanks to SJ for pointing out the spelling mistake :D] and belongs to the pipefish family! Here’s a photo of it, although you can’t really see it.

It was refreshing to look at Labrador Park from a different perspective, and the wind was also very enjoyable(: thus we took out biscuits and drinks and started a little picnic!

After the tide receded, we went down to explore the rocky shore! We didn’t see many organisms at first, maybe due to the high turbidity or just that we were too noisy 😛

Here are some pictures of the organisms we saw:

Unidentified Anemone! (Mr Lim was poking it and bully the poor thing!)

I’m not too sure what this is as well..

baby Juvenile Crab (not sure about its scientific name)
[edit: from what revetaw says, its probably a leptodius 😀 thanks loads for telling us revetaw!]

Mr Lim found this cute teddy bear crab, aka Hairy Crab! (Pilumnus vespertilio)

A baby Hairy Crab! Also found by Mr Lim while he was enticing a snapping shrimp to come out with a strand of brown algae (Sargassum)

We also spotted this Red Egg Crab which was wedged in a crevice and refused to come out, and a couple who was taking wedding photographs along the beach

Thus concludes part 2 of our 3 part Labrador Park spree where we go down to Lab Park every 2 days 😀 We will be going down again on Saturday to collect our Thalassia growth samples!(:

Special thanks goes out specially to Mr Lim, who brought us down to Lab Park despite the fact that his eye was hurting and he should have been resting at home! Thank you, we really appreciate it 😀




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24 02 2008

Hiya Labrador Angels,

I think the fish Mr Lim is referring to is Gar Fish. Hehe… And some cute crabbies you got there. I hope the seagrass are doing great there! Keep up the good work! Cheers!

24 02 2008

hey seagrass experts,

not sure if you’re interested but in case you are, the crab before the hairy crab looks like a leptodius, which are very common on labrador beach. darker-tipped pincers that end in tiny spoons, and deep grooves/lobes on the carapace round the front. no guarantee though. thanks for sharing the pictures!

25 02 2008


i tried to search for the beach after seeing this blog. May I know where is it located? As I really love nature.

Thank you

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