The end of Our project.

2 05 2008

It’s been two months since our last post, and well there is much to say.

Our school research has officially ended (although we have yet to write our report xD) and a new group of sec threes will be taking over our project. Two groups in fact, since Mr Lim has decided to branch out our project into two. One of them will be focusing on the vertical growth of Thalassia hemprichii as well as profiling of the Labrador Beach, and the other group will be doing the monitoring sessions and lateral growth of Thalassia hemprichii! THUS, we will no longer be posting on this blog, instead our junior teams would be updating the blog and such.

The three of us however have joined Team Seagrass! So we will still be doing monitoring and watching seagrasses, cos we’re afraid we’ll miss it too much 😛

We will be sharing our findings from our project at a later date, mainly because it’s the exam period now :/

We will be going down to Labrador Park with our junior teams and Mr Lim next Friday, 9 May, and from then on, we will really not be doing anything with our pioneer project! Though we will still go down to Lab Park when we’re free(: We dearly hope our juniors will live up to our expectations xD

Unofficial acknowledgements go out here to NParks and Team Seagrass especially Ms Siti, Ms Ria, Ms Yang and Ms Lim who came down with us on various sessions and helped us immensely!! THANK YOU!(:




2 responses

2 05 2008

Bravo for taking on an important area of study.

And very glad to have you all on board TeamSeagrass! We’re all looking forward to seeing you at Semakau. It’s a huge meadow with lots of different seagrasses!

6 05 2008

haha we’re all very thankful for the new insights this project has given to us, and we’re very much looking forward to Semakau! going to be quite different ID the different seagrasses though, we’re only used to dealing with three very different ones..

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