090608 at Labrador Park!

14 06 2008


We went to Labrador Park today (9th June) to try our hands on the field study. Although it is the second time coming down to Labrador Park, it is the first time we are seeing the seagrass population thanks to the low tide (0.2m). It seemed to be a completely different place compared to the last time we visited Labrador Park and it was amazing how seagrass is usually hidden during high tide!


Seagrass at low tide!


We got to know how the three seagrass species (halophilla, thalassia, enhalus!)  look like, how to identify each one of them and how to distinguish them from algae.




Then, we also learnt about zonation and factors that affect the distribution of seagrass, such as the height of seagrass. Mr. Lim showed us the spot which our seniors dug up the seagrass before a few months ago, and it seems that the seagrass has grown back there again!




We didn’t spend much time there, about an hour plus, but we learnt how we were going to conduct our field study – the use of the quadrat, how to take proper photos of our quadrat and how to record our observations.



We also managed to catch sight of a flowering (enhalus acoroides).


It was interesting feeling sea anemones and watching the barnacles close up their holes upon each touch.  We also saw different types of algae such as red algae, mermaid’s fan, crustose algae. Aside from that, we saw hairy crabs, snails and a tiny puffer fish:D The puffer fish was really skinny and was nothing like what we thought a puffer fish looks like- fat and round with spikes. Well, Mr. Lim said it was a baby puffer fish; hopefully it will grow up to be something magnificent!



There were also a lot of holes that belong to the snapping shrimps! Mr. Lim said they are really powerful creatures which create sonic booms to stun preys! While feeling the seagrass, Jiemin saw some white flat worm-like creature with many legs swimming out of the hole, but she couldn’t take a picture because the shrimp inside the hole dragged it inside in an instance.


Well, with that being our first trip down, we are now really excited for future trips to the park!



Cheryl Jiemin Joyce (:




2 responses

15 06 2008

How wonderful to know there’s a new team on Labrador and that the good work continues. Bravo!

And thanks for sharing all the exciting discoveries there.

Looking forward to hearing more about the project, and perhaps some photos of the new team and your work there? 🙂

21 06 2008

haha yay the blog’s active again! do a bit of an intro to yourself please, so others will know(:

and do tell us when you’re going down so we can try to go down too!

the senior batch,

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