Seagrass Succession

26 06 2008

Hello! We are another group of students that have just joined team seagrass this year. Our experiment will be targeting the growth rate of the sea grass Thalassia hemprichii (Th) and we will conduct this experiment via the succession of the sea grasses. Since no one has done this experiment before, we have no idea what to expect but hopefully, everything will go well and we will have a fulfilling learning experience in the process.

Although our scope of study is only being narrowed down to Thalassia, it will be inevitable that we would be learning about many other marine creatures and organisms. We are rather excited because this would not only be a research study project for us but also a chance for us to learn about our environment.

Our main objective is to find the rate at which the sea grass will re-grow out of the patch of sea grass that we will be clearing. Also, we will be comparing the growth rate of Thalassia with the other species of sea grass such as Halophhila Ovalis (HO) and Enhalus Acorides (EA).

We’ve already went down to Labrador Park twice and it’s really an eye opener for us as we saw many amazing wildlife creatures and of course the different type of sea grasses. We’ll be going down on 7th July (Youth Day) again, to start our data collection! We’re really glad that we took this RS project as we learnt a whole lot about the world around us, we realized that there were so many things that we missed out about the beauty of the nature world in the past.

Danielle, Jolyn and Xinyi





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