170708 Seagrass Monitoring!

14 07 2008

Hello, it’s us again! (: We went to Labrador Park on 7 July to collect our very first set of data. We reached there at 8 in the morning and Jocelyne came as well. The data collection includes knowing the substrate (sand, shell and mud), the percentage composition of each seagrass species and the % of total seagrass coverage. It also includes epiphyte coverage, algae coverage and canopy height. There was also a column for us to fill in what other organisms we saw within that quadrat. The organisms most commonly seen were the snails! It was fun trying to spot snails and crabs under all the leaves of the seagrass, and at a point of time, we got really excited whenever we managed to spot a small little shell stuck to the underside of a leaf.

Initially, we were quite slow, as we needed some time to get used to the recording of data, which resulted in Mr Lim and Jocelyne rushing us and warning us about the incoming tide. But we got better at it towards the end as we became more confident of our judgment and were thus much quicker in deciding on the various type of coverage eg total seagrass, algae. Perhaps it was because we saw the tide heading towards us slowly but surely, and eventually had the sense of urgency to complete our data collection (:

While we were doing 33 quadrats, Xinyi’s group was doing the vertical growth and they found 2 very interesting crabs! One of them was called the Velcro Crab, which had various bits and pieces of seagrass and small shells all over its body. 

 Considering the fact that it actually thinks of using such a camouflage, it really is a clever creature!

The other was an unknown crab that even Mr. Lim didn’t know.

We found a quadrat lying around and it made use of a number turning system to keep track of the number of quadrats. We might do the same thing rather than put laminated number cards as it is more organised (:

The video of the velcro crab will be hosted soon by the other group so check back for more!

Cheryl Jiemin Joyce (: 




3 responses

14 07 2008

Wow! Looks like you had an exciting day out at Labrador. The velcro crab is a really cool find. Thanks for sharing!

15 07 2008

the quadrat and 100m tape reel were retrieved in the nick of time before the incoming tide covered them up and handed over to the NParks office.

the other group of ‘researchers’ should have taken more care and not missed out on such large items before they left the beach.

if only everyone visiting Labrador took a little more effort to help keep it in good shape!

Great work on the seagrass survey!

22 07 2008

Thanks Ria and Andy for your comments.

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