030308 Seagrass Monitoring!

12 08 2008

Hello friends! Haha on 3 August, while half the world was asleep, we were out at Labrador Park doing our second data collection at 7am in the morning! :O

It seems that we have become much better and much more efficient in data collection, considering how much less time we took to complete 33 quadrats as compared to the very first time we tried 😀 

As for the interesting organisms this time round, there was this female swimming crab! Too bad Mr Lim didn’t elaborate on how he knew it was a female crab and not a male! We shall ask him next time (: What’s scary is how once it is on the sand, it camouflages itself so well that we wonder how many millions of crabs we could have stepped on whenever we walk around on the seagrass patch!

The crab lifted up the plastic container with much ease and her grip on the algae was very strong too! She may be a female, but is very mighty indeed! 😀 It was very interesting. But the problem is, it was hard to detach the crab as pulling it might break its pincers. Hence, the only way is when it sees that there is an escape route. Mr Lim then released it and we watched it scurry away and started digging a hole to burrow into the sand once again.

Mr Lim caught it while he was with the other group at the area they were doing their transect. Sadly, it seems that all the interesting organisms seem to be found near where they are working at but not so much in the middle of the seagrass meadow where we are most of the time! We probably aren’t observant enough. Oh well, at least Mr Lim always shares what he and the other group finds (:


We also caught a marine spider. It actually cannot swim but it lives in the waters because it can move very fast and glides across the surface as though it is walking on water. In fact, it is no different from an ordinary spider, it just lives in a different part of the world.

We also met our little friend again! the velcro crab! It was on the same exact spot and its camouflage amazed us all over again! Mr Lim said it was the same old crab we saw the other time. Hmm, we wonder how he knows?


We actually saw a really huge pincer which was orange! It looked like a cooked crab! However, we didn’t bother to discover further and couldn’t find it again after that.


We are really sorry for the late entry!


Cheryl Jiemin Joyce!




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