3rd August Seagrass Monitoring

14 08 2008

Hello all!


On 3rd August, early in the morning when the sun was hardly up, we trudged all the way down to Labrador park for our second data collection. Throughout the journey to get there, we were all very afraid that the tide would be too high for us to do anything as the tide was 0m at 6.26am and we could only start work at 7.30am. Luckily for us, the tide was still low and all went well.


Basically, what we did on that day was to cut off all the Thalassia Hemprichii growing in our selected patch. (The grass which we poked holes the last time we went down). Cutting the grass may sound easy, but it was not quite so. We had to crouch all the way down and grasp each piece of grass and cut it from its base. Even a tiny distance away from the base would make our measurement inaccurate. The repeated bending down, feeling for the base, cutting and straightening our back to place the grass on sheets of newspaper was no easy job and our legs soon got cramp. Danielle, who was carrying the newspaper (to put the sea grass) with her hands outstretched also had to maintain her balance on the uneven ground. A slip would render all the tediously hand-picked sea grasses to be washed away. However, even though it was hard work, we felt very accomplished after removing all the sea grasses. (There were 169 pieces!)

Then, we did quadrat sampling for our patch and the senior’s patch. This trip down was about a month after our previous trip, however, there is no significant difference between the data collected last month and this month for the senior’s patch. Maybe we ought to give the grasses a little more time.


Originally, we wanted to find another patch of sea grass to carry out another succession (for more accurate results). However, the tide was coming in really quickly and we had no choice but to run back to the beach. Guess we will have to do it the next time we go down!

 Every time we go down to Labrador park, we would always see sea creatures that we have never seen before and this trip down was no exception. We saw a female flower crab! Mr Lim said it was a female crab because its abdomen was circular ( If we did not remember wrongly!) We also saw a water spider! We never knew spiders could live in water! Also, we saw the Velcro crab once again, at where we found it one month ago!




The Flower Crab

The Marine Spider



Although this trip down took away some (or rather, much) of our sleep time, I guess it is rather worthwhile and fruitful!

Sorry for the late entry!

Danielle, Jolyn, Xinyi




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