ulva lactuca

12 09 2008

Ulva Lactuca

Kingdom: Protista
Phylum: Chlorophyta
Class: Ulvophyceae
Order: Ulvales
Family: Ulvaceae
Genus: Ulva
Species: Lactuca

Description: Ulva lactuca is a thin flat green alga growing from a discoid holdfast. The margin is somewhat ruffled and often torn. It may reach 18cm or more in length, though generally much less, and up to 30 cm across. The membrane is two cells thick, soft, translucent and grows attached, without a stipe, to rock by a small disc-shaped holdfast. Green to dark green in color this species in the Chlorophyta is formed of two layers of cells irregularly arranged, as seen in cross section. The chloroplast is cup-shaped with 1 to 3 pyrenoids. There are other species of Ulva which are similar and not always easy to differentiate.

Habitat: This sea lettuce is found in all levels of the intertidal. However, in more northerly latitudes and brackish habitats, it is found in the shallow sub littoral. In very sheltered conditions, the plants that have become detached from the substrate can continue to grow, forming extensive floating communities. Ulva lactuca can be found on suitable substrata in estuaries. It is particularly prolific in areas where nutrients are abundant.




4 responses

14 09 2008

Thanks for sharing about this interesting seaweed! Sometimes there can be lots of them on the shore. Looking forward to more fact sheets about the marine life on our wonderful Labrador.

14 03 2009

I like this website it is very specific and is easy to do labs and projects

17 03 2009

Thank you for your comment!
We hope you will visit our website again!(:

24 05 2012

acutally algae are part of the plant kindom not protista

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