161008 Seagrass Monitoring

21 10 2008

Hello, we’re back from those terrible exams to bring you updates on our project! We went to Labrador Park at 5.30pm on the 16th of October to monitor our seagrasses there again, along with Ms. Siti from National Parks! It was drizzling slightly so we wore bright red ponchos and used waterproof papers to do our task!


We were surprised to find more algae than usual in the seagrass patch. Ms. Siti explained that it was probably the blooming season for the algae and thus its abundance. They grew practically everywhere and hid the seagrasses D:




We are also now clearer about the difference between mud and fine sad, thanks to Ms. Siti! She pointed out that if the substrate is fine sand, we will still be able to feel the tiny grains when we rub our fingers together, but as for mud, it’s lumpy and we will not be able to feel the distinct grains. here are photos we took of various substrates!






Fine sand!







The colour is practically the same and may be deceiving but the feel of each substrate really is different!


We also noticed a couple having their wedding photos taken at Labrador Park! Must be because of the beautiful scenery there(:




Our team is also recently preparing for our booth at Clean and Green Week, otherwise known as Clean and Green Singapore 2008 (CGS 2008)! You can come down to visit the booths related to CGS to learn more on the environment how you can do your part! We’ll be over at the marina barrage from the 31st Oct (Friday) to 2nd Nov (Sunday)! Do come and support us! (:


Cheryl Joyce Jiemin




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29 11 2008
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