Clean & Green Singapore!

7 11 2008

The weekend was well spent at the clean and green Singapore (CGS) carnival over at the marina barrage, a newly-opened dam that marks Singapore’s first city reservoir.

We had a good view of the city and Singapore flyer from the marina barrage. The scenery was simply spectacular! (:


While walking around the marina barrage, viewing other exhibits from the other schools and admiring the beautiful scenery. There was actually free kayaking and aqua-biking. For the not so adventurous ones, there was the water taxi. We did not actually have the chance to do any of that.


We had a booth of our own, shared with another project about banded leaf monkeys from our school.


Our poster, together with the other posters kindly provided by team seagrass, was put up.


We even had official tags and the great meals provided for us. There was even breakfast and tea! 😀 Ms. Siti and Ms. Weiling also got us some snacks!


On the first day (Friday), we were indeed honoured to have PM Lee visit our booth and hear a short intro of our project from us!


Although we encountered some problems along the way, like explaining our project in mandarin, we slowly got more experienced and better in conversing with the public. Moreover, sometimes all the aunties and uncles only wanted freebies and we had to control the giving out of free stickers, colouring sheets and masks.


Rain poured on Sunday but that didn’t dampen the atmosphere as the public continued flowing into the marina barrage. There was actually a great crowd for all three days as shuttle buses were filled up and RC groups made up the crowd.


Although it has been tiring, we all felt that it was worth it. We hope that the public has learnt more about seagrass:D


Cheryl Jiemin Joyce Xinyi Jolyn Danielle