Failed Seagrass Expedition! ):

18 01 2009

Hello all (: It’s been a long time since we went to our favourite park, Labrador Park!

This time, however, we did not manage to monitor seagrass due to the tide which was too high and also the water was rather muddy so we could not see anything. What we could see was lots and lots of green algae washed onto the shore and floating on the sea surface as well, making the beach looked terribly dirty D:


There is also some construction nearby, hopefully they would not disturb the seagrasses and the sea’s ecosystem!


Since we did not manage to monitor, we decided to make our time there worthwhile by exploring the shore and picking up rubbish on the way!


There were a lot of rubbish, and common items include pieces of wires, glass shards, glass bottles and plastics.


Some interesting sights include a snail inhabiting inside some junk.


We hope that people will stop littering at the beaches because they are dangerous to both people and animals, please be considerate and throw the rubbish to the place where they belong, which means into the rubbish bin! Please be considerate:D

And that was the end of the failed expedition, but look out for the next post because we went back again two days after(:

Cheryl Jiemin Joyce! 😀





2 responses

18 01 2009

I’m so sorry the tide was not cooperative for your visit. But glad to see you put the trip to good use. I love the photos on this post!

I did visit the shore recently and the tide too wasn’t as low as it should have been. And I didn’t see any Thalassia. Very worrisome. It’s a great comfort to know that you are all looking after this shore!

Hope you have a better trip the next time.

19 01 2009

Hello! Check out our post on the successful seagrass monitoring, coming up really soon! Thanks for your comment anw (:

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