First seagrass monitoring of 2009

19 01 2009

Last Monday, 12 January, we went down to Labrador Park again as the tide was supposed to be low. However when we arrived, the tide was still quite high although we went there according to the time in the tide table. We then decided to wait as the tide was expected to recede. After about an hour, the tide was finally low enough for us to see the seagrass, and so we started our monitoring (:


Like 3 days before when we went down, there were a lot of algae! Some were washed up onto the shore while a large amount of algae was left resting on the seagrass patch and covering the seagrass after the tide has receded. When we took one look across, algae seemed to be like all there was. However, when we moved the algae out of the way, we realized there were actually still much seagrass beneath them!


In fact, the seagrass seemed to be exceptionally green as well! However, there was of course still some seagrass with epiphyte on them , just that seagrass without epiphyte on them really were green. The seagrass somehow seemed to be longer as well!


We also saw many different kinds of algae. One of which was Neomeris


Another was Sargassum


There was also Gracilaria edulis


We finished at around 7, and we managed to catch a glimpse of the beautiful sunset (: The sunrays against the blue sky are simply beautiful!


Such is the beauty of nature, and of course, Labrador Park (:

Cheryl Jiemin Joyce 😀




2 responses

19 01 2009

So glad to hear the seagrasses are still there! Kudos to the team for keeping an eye on this precious shore. Keep up the great work!

20 01 2009

Hello! Thanks for visiting our blog so frequently and the encouragement! 😀

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