Last Seagrass Monitoring!

13 02 2009

Hello all!

We went down on 10th February to do our last official monitoring session at Labrador Park! We took more photos this time for our Research Studies presentation in April 😀

Compared to our last few trips, however, we have very bad news! The seagrass meadow, especially the Thalassia Hemprichii that is closer to the shore were almost completely black and rough with white patches, we have no idea why that is the case. And so, we took a few leaves with us and we’ll be observing them next Tuesday during our RS block, so look out for results!



We saw this green fish swimming around the meadow too! It was trying to burrow a hole and we could not take a picture of it because when it was really swift in its movements and sand was being kicked up as it was burrowing furiously! That made us very sad because we wanted to share our find with all of you!

Other finds include a snapping shrimp,


barnacles which were interesting to us as usually we only see white or grey ones


and a snail that came out of its shell to explore!


There is also less algae this time round and we hope the seagrass will grow better because of that! In addition, we hope the seagrass will not die because of the shocking amount of epiphyte cover (:

This would be our last official post as a RS group, thank you to all those who have helped in one way or another! 😀 We might still update this blog during the time period from now till our juniors take over as we have decided to take it up as a Service Learning project as well, so hang on for more updates!

Cheryl Jiemin Joyce!




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