last trip down to labrador park

23 02 2009

On the 10th of February 2009, we concluded our last formal trip down to Labrador Park for our data collection. The weather that day was great, windy and not very hot (since it was about 5.30pm). Although we had to wait for the tide to recede yet again, we did not really mind it this time and spent our time taking photos of the beach and of our plots.

high tide!

low tide!

that’s us standing at the location of our 3 plots! The 3 plots are about 2 metres away from each other.

As we could not find 2 dates with low tides that are 4 days apart, we could not conduct another fishing line growth experiment on our Thalassia hemprichii. Instead, we could only monitor our 3 plots of seagrass, as well as collect the seawater sample again. This time, we discovered that many of the Thalassia had turned brown!

at first, we thought it was a very bad case of epiphyte, but Mr. Lim attributed this find to the extremely dry weather recently, so the Thalassia have been “sunburned”.

As we only had 3 plots to monitor, whereas the other group had 33, we were done much earlier. We spent the rest of our time searching for new organisms and:

yes! picking litter!

And much of the time was also spent on popping the air sacs of the brown seaweed (Sargassum), which was our new obsession!

when you press on the air sac, there’s a pop sound! 😀

this time, instead of the usual blue anemone, we saw green anemone!

and the coin seaweed:

and the ribbon algae:

and happy us:

this is our last trip down to labrador park, and we’ll miss that wonderful place very much.
also, thank you for everyone who helped us with this project, it has been very meaningful.

Danielle, Jolyn, Xinyi




One response

20 03 2009

Lovely project that you girls are carrying out.

One tip for your photos: Use the macro mode in your digital cam (usually denoted by a tulip) so that close ups of your subject will be in focus. E.g. the air sac was blurred but the background was sharp but if you use macro mode, the air sac will be in focus and not blurred. 🙂

Carry on the fantastic work!

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