First trip down

19 05 2009

We are the two new teams that will be working with seagrasses for the next 1.5 years. 😀
First team: Grace Cheong, Jin Yifeng and Zenia Quek.
Second team: Goh Hua Zhen, Regina Lau and Tan Li Ying.

The main objectives of our project, working together, are to maintain Labrador Park so as to clear the marine waste washed on shore, and to map out the distribution of the different species of seagrass. Our mapping is aimed at aiding future research and recreational activities to be done at Labrador Park.
Our first team will be focusing on the distribution of seagrass Thalassia hemprichii, Enhalus acoroides and Halophila ovalis. Our second team will be monitoring the growth of seagrass, so as to find out the factors that affect growth there!

2 Fridays ago, 8 May 2009, we took our first trip down to Labrador Park. We were introduced to various marine organisms that can be seen on the rocks in the intertidal zone, such as Onchidiidae, small crabs and Polychaete. We learnt the right and safe way of opening rocks so as to prevent attacks from marine creatures which reside underneath. Our teacher-mentor, Mr Lim, taught us how to identify algae and the various species of seagrasses. We had the chance to try out our new booties! (: He also taught us about the ecological relationships between the corals and seagrasses, and showed us the calcium carbonate skeleton of a dead coral.

After being debriefed, we went down to the beach once again! We picked up 3kg(:O) of rubbish which consisted of styrofoam, plastic bottles and other non-biodegradable materials, just as a start to the maintenance of the beach. :D:D:D Unfortunately, we also saw a great extent of pollution. D:D:D:
It was a fulfilling trip to Labrador Park and we are certainly very excited about our next trip!

Here are the photos of the 2 organisms mentioned above:

The Onchidiidae

The Onchidiidae


The Polychaete worm

The Polychaete worm

 Do look out for more photos in the coming posts! (:




2 responses

19 05 2009

Fantastic to hear about all the work that has already been accomplished by the new team in such a short time! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and perhaps more photos? 🙂

All the best for an enjoyable and successful monitoring on this wonderful shore. Labrador is in good hands with this new enthusiastic team! Bravo!

28 07 2009

Thank you. 😀 We have just completed our second monitoring and will be blogging about that soon.

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