Our first monitoring session!

30 06 2009

Finally we have officially started on field work at lab park on the 29th May! (finally got to put our booties to good use too!) We learnt how to estimate percentage coverage, algae cover, sediment and canopy height. Doing it for 33 quadrats was back-breaking work, but we can now say we are able to identify different seagrasses and algae with confidence, and faster too! The area was mostly populated with Thalassia hemprichii, but we did manage to identify Halophila ovalis, and a patch of Enhalus acoroides, which was much longer than we thought it would be. We also saw crabs, snails, shrimp burrows, blue sponges and many other interesting organisms!

Here are some pictures of the quadrats:


we tried to identify the pictures by putting our fingers in, but it didn’t work out and we¬†noted the picture number in the end.


one of our quadrats

Hairy crab2!

A hairy crab that Mr Lim pointed out to us! We took turns holding it too.

blue sponge again

Blue sponges!

enhalus flower

The Enhalus flower!

As for our beach cleaning adventures, it was unsuccessful! Because, to our surprise, the beach was very clean. Mr Lim told us that it was because there were cleaners who did periodic cleaning at the beach. We will be going down for another session soon!

Grace, Zenia, Yifeng