Team 2 Reporting….

4 07 2009

On 29th May, we headed down to Labrador Park to start our first official monitoring session on seagrasses. After a demonstration by Mr Lim on how to read off data from the quadrats, we proceeded to do it ourselves. Pinning down our quadrats wasn’t all that easy as the rocks beneath prevented the pegs from penetrating deep down. We had initially planned to thread a fishing line through each seagrass but unfortunately the needle holes on the needles we had were too small for the fishing line to pass through. Hence, we used these sharp tool with needle-like tips to poke holes just above the leaf sheath of each Thalassia leaf. After completing two quadrats, we went to help the other team with the last few of their 33 random quadrats. The beach was relatively clean so we did not pick trash on that day.

 Three days later, on the 31th May, we went back down to collect the Thalassia in our quadrats in order to monitor their growth. As the tide was a little too high, we could not really see the seagrasses as clearly as on our previous visit. Fortunately, we could locate our quadrats and proceeded to collect the seagrass.

 The trips to Labrador Park were then followed by the weighing of the biomass of the Thalassia we collected. In the lab, we measured the length, average width, weight, as well as, growth of the baked seagrasses. This time, the seagrasses were a little over baked as the temperature of the oven was set too high. Hence, we had to handle the seagrasses with extreme care as they were rather brittle.

This trip has taught us to be well prepared for any emergencies like how the fishing line couldn’t thread through the needle, as well as to prepare all equipment well beforehand so as to ensure that we can carry out seagrass monitoring and collection well. We look forward to our next exciting trip to Labrador Park on 25 July, where we may also try out monitoring Enhalus.

 Here are some photos taken:

A plot of Enhalus found surprisingly near the beach
Photos (NovDec2008) 509

Our quadrats

Photos (NovDec2008) 517

Photos (NovDec2008) 522

Until then….

Hua Zhen
Li Ying




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