Who’re We?

Mr Lim, Xin Yi, Danielle, Jolyn, Jie Min, Joyce, Cheryl

From Top: Mr Lim, Xin Yi, Danielle, Jolyn, Jie Min, Joyce, Cheryl

We’re two new groups of Secondary 3 Students that began our Research Studies project in 2008 and have chosen to moniter the Seagrasses at Labrador Park, with TeamSeagrass and NParks helping us. (:  

Si Hui, Jocelyne and Si Ling

We are a group of Secondary 3 Students who have decided to adopt the seagrasses at Labrador Park (or Labrador Beach, rather) for monitoring, with TeamSeagrass and NParks helping us. (: 

Contact us!

Team Seagrass is the local seagrass watch organisation. They comprise volunteers from all walks of life and are very enthusiastic about environmental and/or scientific issues!

Seagrass-Watch started the seagrass monitoring project and is based in Australia. This summary of SeagrassWatch is quoted from the official Seagrass-Watch website.

Seagrass-Watch is the largest scientific, non-destructive, seagrass assessment and monitoring program in the world. Since it’s genesis in 1998 in Australia, Seagrass-Watch has now expanded internationally to 18 countries…
…To protect the valuable seagrass meadows along our coasts, everyone must work together.

Yes, we couldn’t agree more! 😀


4 responses

12 07 2008

Thank you very much! We appreciate the help!! (///_-)

15 01 2010
Gerard Giraud

Hi every body,
I’me Gérard Giraud and I worked, on the past, on Posidonia oceanica medows, near Marseille (France). Now my intention is to write some contribution in Wikipedia.
I’ve see your site, very interesting. Is it possible to have copyrith fre photos on Enhalus to illustrate the above article.
Thanks for all

26 07 2012

wow you gals…doing great!!

22 03 2015

Hi, may i have your email address to contact you personally regarding some queries? 🙂

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