The amazing talk at Botanic Gardens!

9 07 2007

After that surprise post by our amazing RS teacher, here’s what happened during the talk!

Dr Sasi Nayar, who works at the South Australia Research and Development Institure (SARDI), had been working on a project, to find out why the seagrasses, namely Posidonia and Amphibolis, off the shore of Adelaide have been disappearing.
So after an intensive 4 year study, which involved close shaves with sharks, he has come to the conclusion that eutrophication is the main cause for the loss of about 5000 Ha of seagrass.
How did he come to this conclusion?
Firstly, it was observed that loss of seagrass started from shallower areas, which is different from other places, where the loss of seagrass originated form deeper waters. Thus potential stressors were identified, and they are: Toxicants, Salinity, Turbidity, Eutrophication.
Then, over the course of the study, he and his team examined each stressor and slowly eliminated all the stressors except for eutrophication.
Thus, he has found the answers as to why the seagrasses off the shore of Adelaide have been disappearing – due to eutrophication!

(: nice work Dr Nayar! Thank goodness he was lucky enough not to be eaten by one of the many sharks off the coast of Adelaide, or he would never have been able to share with us his interesting findings 😀
for more information on eutrophication, look out for another link on causes for loss of seagrass coming soon!(: