Labrador Park is the only Rocky Shore habitat in Singapore. Students often come here to study this unique and “rare” habitat(: Here is some information on the ecology of rocky shores

Ecology of Rocky Shore
Rocky Shore Zonation

There are generally 4 zones on rocky shore: Splash Zone, Upper Shore, Middle Shore and Lower Shore.

Splash Zone
The splash zone is the highest part of the rocky shore, it only receives occasional splashes of seawater when the tide is unusually high. Thus, the organisms found here tend to be more terrestial, e.g. Lichens. Organisms found here can also survive without seawater.

Upper Shore
The upper shore is mostly covered only during extremely high tides (spring tides), thus it is usually exposed. There is little bio diversity here, and the organisms found here have special adaptations to prevent drying out and are able to cope with severe water loss.

Middle Shore
The middle shore is around mean sea level, and is submerged for roughly half a day for each day. It has more bio diversity than the upper shore and splash zone.

Lower Shore
The lower shore is covered for most of the day, exposed only during extremely low tides (spring tides). The organisms here are exposed to little sunlight, and are more marine than those found at the splash zone.

This is a very general overview of rocky shore zonation. The organisms found at each zone differ at different places and we apologise for not having much information on organisms found at the rocky shore at Labrador Park as we have not had time to explore much.

However, seagrasses do NOT grow in rocky shore habitats! As they are angiosperms(having roots and vascular system), their roots need to be firmly planted in soil.

Where does seagrass grow?
Seagrasses tend to grow in sandy and muddy areas that generally have no rocks, coastal marine and estuarine habitats, and in sheltered and shallow areas where they are protected from the current and wave action


5 responses

11 01 2010

May i know how to go to Labrodor Park ? If i at bedok interchange , what bus can i take ? Please reply asap. Me and my friends wish to go there to explore.

11 01 2010

May i know how to go to Labrodor Park ? If i at bedok interchange ,what bus can i take ? Please reply asap. Me and my friends wish to go there to explore .

16 01 2010

Hey, from Bedok interchange it is a bit far from Labrador Park. Labrador Park is at the Southern part of Singapore, you can take MRT to Harbourfront then take buses there to Lab Park. From there you will have to walk in. Would be better for you to check the NParks website on how to get there, here’s the link: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/cms/index.php?option=com_visitorsguide&task=naturereserves&id=48&Itemid=75

hope this helps, and enjoy your visit to Labrador Park!

1 05 2010

I want to identify Lichens. Is it found at the spash zone in Labrador Park?How do identify it?

20 05 2012
mohd fazlee

hi hi
just to find out if you can suggest any area for cleaning activities.

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